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Home Insurance

If you haven’t looked at home insurance rates recently, you might want to use our free online home insurance quote feature to see how your current policy’s rates compare with others that are available. Homeowners rates in Georgia are largely determined by the coverages you select and factors concerning your home. Our online tool will ask you a few easy-to-answer questions and then show you the policies available to you.

Home Insurance Coverages

Home insurance has three primary, broad coverages, although there are sub-categories within each of these. The three areas of coverage can be broken down into:

As you answer our online quote-finder’s questions, you’ll be able to select the coverages you want and see how they impact your home insurance premiums.

Factors that Affect Premiums

Home insurance premiums are determined by complex mathematical formulas. A partial list of factors that may affect home insurance rates in Georgia include your home’s:

Finding Affordable Home Insurance is Easy

At Van Minos Insurance Agency, we try to make finding an affordable home insurance policy easy. Not only do we have a simple online quote tool that is easy to use, but we’re also an independent agency. Since we don’t represent one single insurance company, both our agents and our online tool are able to pull policies from all insurers offering coverage in Georgia.

Our online tool will show you the policy with the lowest premiums next to others, so you can see how its coverages compare. Should you have any questions about the policies, our independent agents are just a phone call away.


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